That Sabika consultant got me steamed…….

Posted: March 1, 2013 by Admin in Business, Copyright, For Real, Frost Yourself, Home Sales, jewelry, Knock offs, Knockoff, lawsuit, Lets talk, Look a Likes, Real Story, Sabika, Seriously, Swarovski, Things that make you go Hmmmm

Lets break this down to stupid simple shall we!

Some metal worker converts base metal into cup chain –   Not Sabika – using machine something like this


Cups and spacing set by machine to customer’s specs.

Then a extender and claw are attached to form something like this.


In the finish of anyone’s choosing no one is excluded.  So far still nothing Sabika has made touched or designed.  Been around for generations.

See anyone can buy and has been able to buy, before Sabika was born, an empty necklace shell as ready made product – Just as Sabika buys from many vendors, Sabika does not makes this either.

I guess Sabika makes the stones, sorry no they don’t.


Again anyone can buy all the colors above to put in the empty shell.  Might someone buy the same colors that Sabika puts is a shell?  Of course they might.  Guess since Ford has red, white and blue cars no one else can.  Get real.

Now that anyone has the pieces to make a choker necklace it is time to be like Sabika and assemble them.  Yes this takes skill, tools and knowledge.  It truly is an art when done right. Quality Sabika once had and chose to replace with profit.  I guess Sabika is saying they copyrighted the knowledge.  That is not copyright-able.  Maybe it is they are copyrighting selling any items assembled from parts one does not make.  Again that would not work because everyone sub-contracts or buy from vendors.

So really want to know what Sabika thinks can happen with these lawsuits.  They might scare some small time designers or craftsmen to fold.  But any good judge should toss the case and Sabika out on there bums.

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